Why Sri Lanka Produces So Many World Class Bowlers In Cricket.

These pictures, succinctly but compellingly explain it all.

Click on the image for a small 5 page PDF. Best to view it at 50%. Enjoy.

Click image for a small 5 page PDF, best viewed at 50%, which will explain it all … and crack you up. Promise.

My favorite picture. I think this is one of my uncles, from my mother’s side. This is in the PDF, the last picture.


  1. Very humerous.

    • Cracked me up when I got it. So true. I wanted to PRESERVE it. Hence posting it here. Thanks. Say hi to ‘Liverpool’ from me. ‘Liverpool’ comes up more often than you would appreciate in my life. I refuse to buy German cars and have been known to be rather rude to those that buy (and sell) German cars. When asked why I am so against German cars, I mention ‘Liverpool’! My first trip to Liverpool was in 1981. I was driving up for business from London. Driving through I noticed all these empty, desolate blocks. I asked what they were. Sites that had been bombed by the Germans in WW II and had yet to be re-developed. That was when the bombing of England by the Germans hit me. Cheers, Anura

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