Ananda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2011 Parade.

This is alma mater, from September 1959 to August 1967. I had a blast. I was ‘Head Boy’ twice, lower school and middle school. I got a double promotion and won quite a few prizes. Had some great friends.

These pictures DO NOT belong to me. I am actually not sure who they belong to. They were sent to me by e-mail in June 2011 by ‘Bandula W. …‘ who lives in London. His e-mail said that he got them from ‘Channa Hap. …‘ — who I do not know. The forwarding history of the e-mail refers to a ‘Sanjiva Sen. …‘ — who I also do not know; I having abbreviated the last names of all three given that unlike me they might be shy and object to having their names plastered all over the Web. If these pictures belong to YOU and you object to me posting them here … PLEASE let me know and I will either delete the post or give you full credit. My goal is to PRESERVE the pictures. I hate to keep pictures like this just as e-mail attachments. In time they get lost. So this is my usual attempt at trying to preserve pictures and words for posterity via the Web.

Ananda Collge Parade 2011

Click this image for a small 9 page PDF with 21 pictures. Enjoy.


  1. Raja Wijegunaratne

    In most of the photographs the Ananda Buddha Shrine is visible as a pure white building. It was not present when you left the school.I entered Ananda in 1967.

    • Good to hear from you, Raj. I left Ceylon and as such Ananda College in August 1967. So we were there, together, for 8 months. Keep in touch. All the best. Anura.

  2. Raja Wijegunaratne

    Papal visit to Sri Lanka reminded me of you and your research on Papal History. As Holy Father Catholics here try to elevate him almost to the level of Christ. But I read in a very old book written by Fr S.G. Perera (available at the British Council Rare Ceylon Collection) that the first church was wiped out.He says that a remnant of the original church was left for some time in Syria and a branch of it were at Trincomalee which was visited by naval personnal sailing in the Silk Route during the time of King Dutugemunu.

    • Good to hear from YOU. Not too many Sri Lankans remember me or even know of me. Yes, I noticed, with a wry smile, the veneration offered to the pope, especially Buddhist worshiping his feet. No harm done. Stay in touch with me via e-mail: All the best. I will look up the reference you talk about. Very interesting. Thank you.

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