U.S. Catholics Can Be Priceless

From my own experience as a Papal Historian with quite a large Web presence.

E-mail I received November 11, 2011. The underlined emphasis is mine:
“How do I request a relic of John Paul II please. I tried the address you posted of: postulazione.segreteria@vicariatusurbis.org. and it did not work …
I live in the United States, so would the address be a bit different?”
Earlier that week I was getting e-mail from lobbyist for the NY Real Estate Realtors. Very savvy guy. Was very distressed. Trying to send a letter to the Vatican.
Just could not come to terms that Vatican City State was its own country.
Had 3 e-mails from his Blackberry, along the lines: ‘You sure I don’t have to add Rome‘.
What about Italy.
Should I just put both Rome and Italy?‘.
You have to love them.

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