That 84-Year Old ‘Pope Francis’ Is OBSESSING Over Wanting To Ban The Latin Mass Just Another Indication That He Is Old & …

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This is crazy. Stupid. The Latin Mass is NOT blasphemy! It is, as the name says, the Mass in Latin. To expend so much time & energy agitating & discussing whether it should be further restricted or banned altogether is beyond the pale.

This is not a crime. Nobody is doing anything even vaguely wrong. How can it suddenly be a CRIME to want to embrace the TRADITIONAL form of the Mass. Come on. This is unworthy of the Pope, papacy & Church.

The Pope has more pressing things he should be addressing … like the hundreds of INNOCENT indigenous kids killed in Canada by the Catholic Church.

To I this is Pope Francis turning into the old, tired man he is!

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